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Escape from Xsan

Posted by Josh Minney on Feb 22, 2019 3:44:03 PM

If you’re like a lot of people working in video today, you’re probably finding that your Xsan is no longer cutting it. It used to work great with your SD and 720p media in Final Cut Pro 7. Today, however, the platform is increasingly unsupported, harder to troubleshoot, and the moment you start to push your Xsan even a tiny bit a beachball shows up. Maybe you’ve noticed that it completely falls apart with FCPX Libraries, Resolve, and Premiere projects or seen the performance issues with 4K whether you’re ingesting or doing any operations that require a bit of bandwidth.  It’s extremely hard to set up new clients, there’s virtually no documentation, and the GUI is so inaccurate that you’d better be a command line expert to get the information you need.  On top of all this, you’re completely dependent on a pair of aging Mac minis that better not fail; leaving you and your team in a perpetual state of fear with no real understanding of how it all works.

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